INFO about TOCHKA Market

As Tochka Free Market is off for a long time and we can not contact an admin, you can buy stuff on Empire Market. It is a good and authority market such as Tochka.
All links to Empire Market are on this site, so enter and buy right now!


Advantages of Tochka Free Market

It was one of the best market in the world. But after it closed, we recommend you to buy stuff on Empire Market.



Tochka Market is the most famous shop in the world. Tochka works more than 4 years and year-by-year increases audience and regular customers. It means that people trust Tochka and are satisfied with the service.



Tochka is the most safe market. None of data is stored. None of your steps or orders on Tochka are not recorded and, moreover, are not transferred to third parties.



Tochka Market is a convenient store, where you can make an order today and receive your stuff by couple of days.



There is an intuitive interface. You will understand how to use the store and buy stuff in a seconds and next order will be made in couple of minutes.

How to buy stuff on Tochka Market?

Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!

Make an account


  • You have to make an account - register new user, create good password and log in.
Choose a product


  • Browse and choose any product from our big menu.


  • Then take it to your buy box and make an order. Write an adress, type of delivery and pay for it with safe way - Bitcoin of Ethereum.

That`s all, the rest Tochka Market will do for you by itself, you will just enjoy your order in some days.